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What if anxiety isn’t a disorder, but an opportunity to grow beyond your limits?

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that 40 million adults in the US, 18 years or older are suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is a result of stress that can stem from our relationships, our careers, our children, to major life events. I have recently witnessed successful mothers and career executives, who really “have it together,” crumble in a matter of months because of the anxiety that hits them like a wrecking ball. Often it progresses so quickly, that they themselves cannot identify why they feel this way and describe it as if “someone” has taken over their body. This is an intriguing topic because rather than being clinically diagnosed and treated with medication, what if we could embrace this anxiety and allow ourselves to really question those thoughts that are causing it? Would you believe me if I said that we have the choice to choose the thoughts we attach to? When we attach to the stressful thoughts, we allow those thoughts to manifest that reality for us. What would happen if we got true with those thoughts, and with ourselves?

I will give you an example. You are at the mall, as you are walking in and out of stores the thoughts are just processing with very little effort and realization from you. As you walk and observe, you think “I love her shoes, wonder where she got them” and “I would never parent that way, who let’s their kid do that?” or “Wouldn’t it be nice to win the lottery so that I could just go and buy a whole new wardrobe?” and “Two more days and then back to dreadful work.” All these thoughts are entering and exiting your mind. You are not attaching to any of them. But then you see a girl walking by and you think “That girl is so pretty; I really wish I could lose 10 lbs and look more like her.” Unconsciously, you attach to that thought, and then the thought following that is, “If I lost 10 lbs, then my relationship would be better” and then “If my relationship were better, I would feel more confident with my partner” and “I wonder if I looked like that girl if my boyfriend would have cheated on me?” See how effortlessly this progresses? This is where I ask, why did you choose to attach to this thought? Here we can give credit to our insecurities; everyone has them, it’s a natural, healthy opportunity for us to grow, if we choose to do the work. When we are insecure about something, we allow that insecurity to attach to thoughts that validate it. The more we believe our insecurities, the more we invite thoughts and situations to create that reality for us. What if there is a way to question our thoughts to find the truth in them, creating a true reality? If you are suffering from anxiety, please know you are not alone. I encourage you to share your thoughts below…

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